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An alternative in private initiative

»We have supported private initiatives and self-sufficiency against the general trend because we do not believe that the state or its institutions can and must solve the very varied problems of our society alone. We believe that Christians, even as citizens of the most liberal states, can and must initiate and try out Christian alternatives in various parts of society so that ever more new opportunities can be made available for all.«
Traudl Wallbrecher of the Catholic Integrated Community (, an initiator of the school association regarding the fundamental idea behind the inauguration.


1976 Foundation of the school association

1977 Opening of the Günter-Stöhr-Gymnasium (GSG) in an old Sollner villa. School and day care centre with around 100 pupils in grades 5 to 8. Innovative at that time: afternoon childcare as an essential element of the school concept and scholarship system

1978 Acquisition of an elementary school recognised by the state and continuation as Reinhard-Wallbrecher-Schule (RWS) in the town of Krailling near Munich, also a school and day care centre

1985 Gymnasium recognised by the state and highly popular with growing demand for space

2003 GSG moved to Icking (Irschenhausen) into the Eggenberg villa, a villa originally built in 1907 in Wilhelminian style with a park, and RWS moves to Solln

2006 New construction of the double-sized gym in Icking.


Number of students in 2019: around 180 pupils at RWS, around 230 pupils at GSG.

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