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What is our objective as the St. Anna Association of Schools?

Which values do we want to pass on?

What we aim to teach comes from the tradition of Christianity and its roots, Judaism, which reached us, with our responsibility towards the schools, through the path of the Catholic Church. This is the foundation upon which we build. We’re thus very pleased when parents entrust us with their children and we can provide the children with a "home away from home" that supports the parents’ educational work.

The values from this tradition and which we entirely share and want to pass on are, however, not abstract norms, but rather:
The joy for life that is a gift we respect just as it is given to us: weak, strong – man, woman – young, old.

Respect for one another, respect for things.

Responsibility – for us ourselves, for others, for the world.
Joy for the world that is placed in our hands, and so forth.

As parents, you know just as well as we do that this fact has no longer been self-evident for a long time, and that anyone who places importance on this is soon up against a headwind.

Our pupils are from various Christian denominations and other religions. Children without religious confession attend our schools too. This diversity constitutes a great chance. This broad range is valuable and presents us with the task of teaching our values in a very practical and non-dogmatic way – and there are surprisingly many occasions for this every day – on a large and small scale, in class and in the entire everyday school life.

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