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Motivating and challenging – our flexible full-time school promotes talents

Individuality and community spirit

Our culture of learning is aligned to the individual pupil as part of the community. Children may and can demonstrate performance and receive recognition here. With a class size of just around 19 up to a maximum of 24 pupils, it’s easy to be aware of and respond to each individual. At the same time, numerous details promote social behaviour – from respectful interaction with one another and clear-cut rules on to a structured daily routine in well-maintained rooms.

Variety in everyday school life

Our everyday school life offers more than just educational learning. Pupils can stimulate and train their practical skills in the electives during the afternoon sessions, such as courses in cooking, art, rhetoric, natural science, sports and music.

Teaching as teamwork

Our employees’ teamwork forms the basis of our pedagogical work. All classes are accompanied by one team consisting of teachers and pedagogues. At least one meeting a week takes place for the classes’ actual questions. In addition, close collaboration with parents is placing even more consistent focus on the individual pupil’s development. And since communication is so important, each teacher and pedagogue has an own workplace where they are available for both pupils and colleagues.

Further development of teaching staff

For teachers and pedagogues, the school year starts with a preparatory week at the end of the summer holidays. Conferences are often held during the year on actual pedagogic and didactic issues as well as "pedagogical days" when the school holidays are over.

An eye on the pupils’ grades

The specialist subject teachers continually inform the class leadership team about the written grades, even outside of the regular class conferences. In this way, class teachers and pedagogues can respond quickly in case of changes, find the right measures together, and involve the parents in the process whenever necessary.

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