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School fees

School fees at St. Anna Association of Schools are structured according to the age groups 1 to 4, 5 to 10 as well as 11 and 12. The amount for the core programme covers all costs for lessons, meals and the all-day care services for two afternoon sessions and for school events. Examination fees for services such as trial lessons or admission tests will be charged separately.

We separately charge the three afternoon sessions that can be booked additionally according to the tariff regulation. Upon application, the school association awards scholarships to attend its schools.

Tariff regulation for school year 2020/21



St. Anna Association of Schools has created a scholarship fund so that children can attend one of the schools irrespective of their parents’ income.

Thanks to donations from alumni, parents and friends, we can award numerous scholarships each year. As a rule, a scholarship is granted for the entire school period up to achievement of the Abitur (high school graduation), that is, from grade 1 to 12. Every year, it is clarified whether prerequisites for the scholarship still exist.


Documents for the scholarship

Information on scholarships 

Application for a scholarship


Solidarity thanks to scholarship fund

Within the meaning of the community culture, we invite all parents to get engaged in the scholarship fund, for example, through

• voluntary extra payment of regular or one-off donations to St. Anna Association of Schools non-profit limited liability company (St. Anna Schulverbund gemeinnützige GmbH, Kreissparkasse München-Starnberg, DE32 7025 0150 0022 0666 82)

• additional endowment contributions to the St. Anna Association of Schools Foundation.

At the end of the calendar year, you will automatically receive a donation receipt for all donations made that is applicable for tax purposes.


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