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A school that matches life

With increasing age and growing independence, interests develop that can no longer be covered by school alone. To give pupils the opportunity to pursue extracurricular activities while still enabling a stable learning structure at the same time, we rely on a flexible full-time model that incorporates modern spheres of life. It supports the different personalities in the best possible way and fosters responsibility and motivation.

For grades 5 to 10, we offer a core programme and a freely selectable supplementary programme during the afternoon. The core programme is mandatory and it consists of the daily lessons between 8:15 am and 2:05 pm, including lunch, as well as two afternoon sessions until 4:05 pm. The supplementary programme includes up to three further afternoon sessions which are electively bookable in addition. Lessons in the upper secondary classes 11 and 12 are held from 8:10 am until 4:05 pm. Due to the course scheme, the pupils have individual schedules.


Sequence of languages and branches

English from grade 5

Latin from grade 6

Selectable from grade 8:

  • Linguistic branch with French or Spanish as the third foreign language
  • Natural science and technology branch with core focus on chemistry and information technology in age group levels 8 to 10, in addition, practice-oriented broadening of knowledge in chemistry and physics

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