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Learning holistically: what it means to live in a community

By spending all day at school together, a wide array of possibilities opens up to take on social responsibility. That refers to interaction with each other as well as to personal commitment to school life. The pupils practice assuming responsibility by getting involved in the preparation of the student magazine or by supporting younger pupils.

Social manners

Personality develops in a complex process consisting of knowledge, competence and the ability to perceive others, to approach them and in this manner to find a way of working and living together.

That’s why we attach great importance to the interaction of pupils with each other and all employees, e.g., also greeting the secretaries, staff in housekeeping and in the kitchen. The premises, the house and its rooms must be treated in a responsible manner, too.

Table service

The fact that school is a place of holistic learning is particularly underscored in the school subject table service in the 6th grade. That’s where pupils learn in theory and many practical exercises such as:

  • Setting a table
  • Serving beverages and food
  • Skilled transporting of plates, glasses and cutlery
  • Paying attention to needs of guests
  • How do I behave at the table, at home, in school, in a restaurant?

With enthusiasm the students then contribute as a serviceteam to the various events during the schoool year, making each one special.

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