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Languages live by speaking

Conversation in English from grade 7

From grade 7 onwards, conversation lessons are offered with a native speaker in small groups with up to four pupils. Without pressure on grades, practice is on speaking freely regarding specific topics.

English literature in grades 7 to 9

The offer of English-speaking literature has become so broadly varied here that every pupil finds a book that fulfils his or her preferences and interests as well as language level. The subject "English literature" provides the opportunity to read more in "my" book every week during the lessons. Pupils are not graded on this subject.

Bilingual teaching in grades 8 and 10

Bilingual lessons in geography (grade 8) and history (grade 10) foster the pupils’ abilities to express themselves in English.


Debates are only held in English. This includes commenting on a fact in a selected and target-oriented way, speaking freely and last but not least, listening attentively and responding to the previous speaker – a real challenge, not only on a linguistic level.

Conversation training in French and Spanish

Training in speaking skills is also offered in the third foreign language for pupils in grades 10 and 11, for example, with dialogues, role plays, presentations, story-telling and describing pictures.


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