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We have the right framework for all ages

Guided learning – learning time for grades 5 and 6

Pupils in grades 5 and 6 spend the learning time in their grade level. In the process, they are instructed by a pedagogue who structures the learning time in oral learning – especially learning vocabulary – and completing written assignments. During the second half, silentium (silence) is on the programme so that each pupil can work with concentration. As a rule, the pupils do the homework themselves. If needed, the pedagogue provides methodological support.

Independent learning – study time for grades 7 to 10

During study time for grades 7 to 10, more independence is required. It takes place in own study rooms with no more than 12 workplaces per room – together for pupils from various grades. A pedagogue ensures a learning-friendly atmosphere. The 7th grade represents a type of joint class from supported learning to independent learning. The scope of the support required differs depending on the pupil’s personal maturity. For this reason, an organisation coach is available for pupils from the 7th grade onwards who can help the individual pupils to structure their learning process. For the subjects of Latin and mathematics, a specialised learning time is offered in a small group comprised of no more than five pupils. Homework can be discussed and results checked together with a specialist subject teacher.

Self-responsible learning – grades 11 and 12

In qualification phase Q11 and Q12, the pupils are independently responsible for organising their learning time. A mentor supports the upper school pupils. Pupils have access to study and recreation rooms during their breaks. During free periods, attendance for pupils in upper secondary is not mandatory. Consultation hours are offered every week for upper secondary so that pupils can clarify subject-related questions with their teachers.

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