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A way out of the chaos of subjects – study days

The traditional schedule of pupils in middle school is a patchwork of many different subjects. As a result, time and especially concentration are lost. Our secondary school counters this in grades 8 – 10 with the study days. Academic subjects are taught Tuesdays and Thursdays in a bundled way. On these two days, the pupils only have one or two different subjects until lunch. This enables in-depth work and focus on what is important along with a slower-paced day at school.

Strengthening the basics in grades 5 – 10

Special lessons in key subjects – away from pressure on grades and curriculum specifications, in addition: learning techniques, organisation of the workplace, error analysis after homework and time management.


Mastering the German language is an important basis for all areas. That’s why pupils in the 5th grade receive additional lessons extending beyond the standard curriculum – for reading and browsing, for learning and presenting texts and for short plays, too.


Almost all age group levels have one additional practice lesson in mathematics each week.


In grade 6, one extra hour per week is provided for the initial stage of learning a second foreign language.

Sports plus in grades 5 – 7

Time for more exercise and team sports: four to six lessons devoted to sports per week in each case.


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