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Everyone can, nobody must

Afternoon sessions are flexible and differentiated: two of them are part of the core programme and thus obligatory. As a rule, those afternoon sessions can be chosen freely except for in grades 3 and 4 – where one afternoon session is fixed on which lessons are taught. The remaining three afternoon sessions can, but do not have to be selected in addition. The afternoon programme has three sections comprised of playing time, learning time and time for electives, and it ends at 4:15 pm.

Time to play

After lunch together, the children generally spend the next 1.5 hours playing outside. During team games, while building huts, hunting for treasures and digging trenches, the children experience what it means to be part of a team and they have a break from school work. Pedagogues accompany the playtime, which ends with a snack together.

Time to study

Playtime is followed by a learning time of 45 minutes. In a focussed atmosphere, the children are guided during completion of the oral and written assignments and they are increasingly motivated to become independent.


As a rule, electives last 45 minutes and offer pupils the opportunity to discover new interests and talents. Examples of electives include:

• Kapla, the magical small piece of wood

• Woodwork shop

• Cooking & Baking

• Rhythm or dance

• Choir, choir classes and music

• Circus

• Experiments in natural sciences


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