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Giving freedom in thought and action

As a private school, we have considerable freedom in designing our teaching in the best interest of our pupils. In the process, we continuously develop our methods further and include new insights in the field of pedagogy. In doing so, individual promotion and differentiated support is particularly important to us.

Examples of our projects and methods are:

The cybernetic method

Based on special forms of exercise, children enhance their perception and learn how to specifically control the movement of their hands and mouths. This trains key parts of the brain which play a pivotal role in further learning. This makes it a lot easier to learn how to calculate, read and write.

Twin lessons – teaching in a class halved in size

In the obligatory subject "Handicraft and Needlecraft" (WTG), we halve the classes. This creates room and time to instruct the children in the hands-on implementation of the tasks. At the same time, the other half of the class has lessons in German or mathematics.

Theatre projects

The theatre project weeks take place every year in the spring for the 1st – 3rd grades. With the "Robber Hotzenplotz," the "Big Fat Pancake" or "Happy Day," the children can practice speaking and staging a joint theatre production. The highlight is marked by the performance in front of guests invited.

Study workshop and Fermi tasks

Based on texts and materials which are provided, the children develop an interdisciplinary topic.
Fermi tasks are realistic and challenging tasks, providing motivation to estimate, measure and research data. One example from the 4th grade: How much water do all teachers and pupils of Reinhard-Wallbrecher School drink in a week? – In small groups, the children search for solutions in different ways and then present their approach to the class.


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