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Community calls for commonality

Living well together only works where each individual delivers his or her contribution: through respect towards classmates, teachers, pedagogues, parents and housekeeping personnel. This includes adhering to rules and behaving in a social manner. The pupils learn all of that quite naturally because it’s integrated into the everyday school life.

Order in the house and classroom

An orderly and positive learning environment is not a matter of course, but rather it takes shape based on attentiveness and engagement. To sensitise the pupils for details, each school day starts with preparation of the own workplace.

An in-house housekeeping team takes care of keeping the house in order. But even the pupils take on various duties themselves, in this way learning how to assume responsibility for shared things.

More than just “hi” and “bye”

Even though social manners develop further, the underlying respect should outlast all trends. One detail: pupils and teachers greet each other personally at the start of the school day. In the process, the children learn that you look at the person when greeting, that the younger one greets first and much more.

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