Abitur certificate award ceremony

To have passed the Abitur (German university entrance exam) in 2021 is an exceptional achievement. For weeks, the 12th graders were the only ones allowed to be physically present at the Günter Stöhr Gymnasium for lessons. At the time, the Augustinusfoyer, where the Abitur certificate award ceremony is taking place today, was set up as a cafeteria for the students. Students and teachers were happy to see each other, to talk to each other, simply to be together after the period of enforced physical separation.
Today, decorated with colourful spring flowers and white-covered tables, and with classical piano music in the background, this room welcomes the festively dressed graduands and their parents. In groups of three and maintaining the required distance, the 28 students receive their Abitur certificates from the Head Teacher.
In his speech, the Head Teacher, Dr Michael P. Maier, skilfully quotes the person after whom the foyer is named, a wooden sculpture of whom adorns one wall. “In the past few years, you have often walked through this room. There is someone here who has always remained silent until now, but who would like to speak out briefly today. It is Bishop Augustine of North Africa, who throughout his life searched for truthful answers. In the course of this search, he once wrote: ‘Our reason does not create truth, it finds it’ (De vera religione, 39.73).
So it is worth looking for true answers that do not simply come from within oneself – or from social trends. That is why St Augustine is depicted with a burning heart, because throughout his life he had a heart that ardently sought the truth. Such a heartfelt search for truth is what we wish for you all as you continue on your life journey.”