In the park of Villa Eggenberg, games are played on all levels of the grounds and at all ages: on the terraces, jumping rope in groups and Round the World ping pong, in front of the fountain, chess with knee-high pieces, in the large clearings of the park, soccer and basketball, and again and again with great pleasure throw-off games such as gagaball.

The older students at the secondary school think they know where the secondary school students’ joy in playing games comes from: the elementary school students brought it with them.

This is actually due to the fact that the educators enjoy discovering new games.  They are always offering new games of tactics or games of skills such as stilt walking, diabolo, juggling balls, badminton, volleyball, Viking chess or spikeball, to find out with the classes what is fun.

Playing has an impact on the entire school day with its passions, lightness, ambition in a good sense and, above all, its contagious cheerfulness.